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Steps To Being A Cop Infographic

20 Dec

How To Become A Cop Infographic

As we said in our previous post, the process of being a cop can be complicated. We found a great infographic that outlines the entire step by step process on how to become a cop.

You can click on the thumbnail in this post to go straight to Cop University’s infographic page. We’ll go into more detail in future posts but here are the various steps covered by this infographic:

  • Standard Minimum Requirements
  • The Application Process
  • The Physical Agility Test
  • The Written Test
  • The Oral Board
  • The Background Investigation
  • The Executive Interview
  • The Medical Exam
  • The Psychological Exam
  • The Police Academy

The infographic goes over each step briefly, and it provides a great overview to those interested in being in law enforcement.